Ann Marie Varnam. BA (Hons) Fine Art

My name is Ann Marie Varnam (Ann Marie Whitton) and this is the start of my Fine Art Degree journey with The University for the Creative Arts.

For over twenty five years, I have been working as an artist painting and selling my art online. I worked as an art teacher at Oaklands College and Sandringham School in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, and I ran my own workshops and classes from my studio at home.

I have attended The University Of Hertfordshire gaining qualifications in Art Therapy Foundation, and Traditional Print Making methods.  However I have never obtained an art degree, as I am now retired from teaching and the children are grown up, I decided it was time for myself to take on some personal study. Hence I enrolled with the OCA and have started with the Drawing One course. It’s been tough starting from the beginning again, but I am exploring new subjects and mediums. Having the support of a tutor helps me to focus on the tasks too. I am looking forward to continuing with my studies for my degree path.

More about myself :




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