Intimacy. Part 2. Additional drawings exploring composition using saws, brushes, shells, plastic skull, linen basket and jug.

In this section I have drawn a selection of items such as saws, paint brushes, a snail shell, jug, cutlery, plastic skull and more abstract mark making. and I wanted to explore composition with the objects too. The saws have a special meaning as they belonged to my father in law, who was a carpenter. They hang in a cupboard in the work shop and have stayed there since he passed away.

The above saws are all drawn in oil pastel and a pencil one on a coffee ground, I like oil pastel as you can blend and make rough or smooth marks with it. As the weather was so hot my oil pastels did start to melt, that’s why they look smooth. I drew the saws in a vertical position, as if they were standing up to have their portrait painted. This way suited the subject. I also did two background colours, brown and blue. I liked the blue the best, as it is complimentary to orange, and I decided to split the drawing up. I also placed a paper aperture on top to see what the handle looked like if it was cropped. It’s easy to crop a picture in my computer picture editing. The handle looks like a face. I enjoyed drawing these saws and will explore this subject again. The saws reminded me of Jim Dine’s art and it’s really resonated with me.

Brushes cropped in computer pencil drawing 2018This selection of five paint brushes was drawn with coloured pencils. They were laid flat on my work bench on white paper, with soft natural side light. Whilst drawing these brushes I thought of Jim Dine and his love of drawing ordinary household tools. I explored cross hatching to shade in the back ground, as the light was soft so difficult to explain in marks. However I was pleased with the brushes, I think I captured the light and the form of the objects. Also the composition is similar to the saws, but again I thought it suited the items. As I have looked at many of Jim Dine’s tool drawings, he uses far more expressive and dynamic scribbling style marks in his back grounds, and I feel I need to do the same with my marks. Something for me to improve on.

The Snail Shell is drawn in coloured pencils. I played around with composition using two rulers and paper to get the square shape that I thinks fits the subject quite well. Originally drawn on a rectangle I cut the drawing out and placed it on the grey sheet to see the square better. As it’s just a single item the square composition is a good shape. The pencils I drew with were very sharp, so I could get finer lines and marks, as the shell had some quite delicate markings with soft colour. I used line to express the shape by drawing outwards and around to get the form, hope it works. Also as the background was plain I decided to use a gentle purple with crossed lines to show shadows.

Skull in Felt Pen 2018

The plastic skull was drawn for a film, where I used a felt pen to draw over and over again. But I have, as yet to edit the film.  It took a while to get the shape of the skull and I lost the shape of the teeth, but as a speed drawing it came out looking quite scary ! !

The above drawing is of a shadow cast by my linen basket, so I taped a felt pen to a stick and drew in a loose way capturing the light. I had to be quick as the sun kept going in. I just loved the delicate soft shadows and the strong light too. A simple drawing but I could not leave it as I knew it would be gone by the end of the day.

Jug in Pink in Ink 2018

Jug, is an inky drawing made with black and pink inks. Drawn for another film which I need to edit.  A large A1 sized picture was sketched over and over again,dipping the stick into the ink so it dripped on the paper. I enjoyed the repeated motion of this drawing and feel the shape was lost because of it. However the very act of trying to scratch a shape with a simple tool is challenging.

Waves in Watercolour 2018

This drawing is a watercolour and a subject for another film. I drew with a stick then a brush loaded with water, to make these watery lines that bled into each other. I prefer to play with mark making as it has unlimited abstract qualities and really touches me emotionally. I can draw my Snail Shell in a traditional way, but it does not fulfil me in the same way as a loose drawing like this one. I have called it ‘Waves’.

This set of drawings, of plastic cutlery was created with charcoal on a coffee ground, required me to ‘lift out’ the shapes with a putty rubber. A good exercise in positive/negative drawing, which I really enjoyed.

Plastic cutlery in charcoal on a coffee ground


Plastic cutlery in charcoal on a coffee ground






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