Intimacy. Part 2. Project 4. At Home. Artist Research; Unusual Domestic Interiors.

Rachel Whiteread CBE, born 1963. Winner of the Turner Prize 1993. Whiteread is a British sculptor, in which she makes casts of domestic items, such as hot water bottles, beds, light switches, tables and chairs, plus buildings and and entire rooms. Her most famous work is called ‘House’, 1993. It was a concrete cast of the interior of a Victorian house in East London. Unfortunately it caused a lot of controversy and was pulled down by the council. Luckily she was the first woman to win the Turner Prize.

Earlier this year I saw one of her works at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, a small concrete cast of a hut, called ‘Houghton Hut’, 2016.

Houghton_Hut 29/8/2018

Houghton Hut close up

(Photo by Ann Marie Varnam. Hougton Hall July 2018)

Houghton Hut close up

(Photo by Ann Marie Varnam. Hougton Hall July 2018)

It is very beautiful with it’s steely grey colours and many detailed textures, you can see where the door handles were, bolts, hinges, nail and screw marks too. It’s an amazing view of the interior on the outside, I think Whiteread tries to challenge the views perception of all her casts. And that worked for such a simple garden icon.

Henri Matisse, (born 1869 died 1954).  I am going to include Henri Matisse in my artist research, as he is one of my favourite artists. Matisse was a master print maker, painter and sculptor. He is famous for his colour, pattern, texture and he flattened forms which gave him a distinctive style. He painted decorative interior scenes, many with views through windows, still life set ups and figures. One of my favourite paintings is ‘Still life on a Blue Table’ 1947. I like this as Matisse has made an outrageous red room with a flattened out table and a window opened on to a decorative garden. The wall paper has been reduced to a simple zigzag pattern. Matisse has influenced design with his fluid and bold style, becoming a leader in modern art practice.

Still Life on a Blue table, Matisse 1947 29/8/2018.

Anthony Green (Born 1939)

Anthony Green is an English painter best known for his quirky interiors of middle class domestic life. He paints on irregular shaped canvases and boards in detail producing oil paintings and Girclee (fine art digital prints) prints. He is a Royal Academy member and has exhibited internationally, with many works in public collections.

anthony green
The Family/Sherbourne St John 2013. 130 x 265.5 cm. Oil on MDF.



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