Intimacy. Part 2. Project 4. At Home. Exercise 2; Composition -an interior. Exercise 3; Material Differences. Reflection.

Exercise 2 -Composition- an interior

Look carefully at the angles and areas of your chosen interior view and note where objects are placed. Keep shifting your viewpoint until you find one that pleases you. look for strong tonal contrasts, textures, linear qualities and string positive and negative shapes.

Establish your observational position- standing, sitting on a chair or the floor. Making sure you are comfortable. Make four quick sketches to outline the basic shapes and map out the tonal areas using a soft pencil.

Format. Do studies both portrait and landscape format. You may find portrait dynamic and landscape more intimate. Play with these ideas. Look for objects and forms. Don’t be afraid to cut off part of your subject, as it happens in photography. Consider how this will add dynamism and interest to your composition.

Chose your view. Compare preliminary sketches to help decide on a composition. Look at tonal values, basic structure, and linear arrangements. Keep looking, evaluating an experimenting.

I have drawn two A 3 size pictures in dark tonal values and left out details and textures.

The one below is a portrait composition and cropped. it shows the upstairs landing which has varying light quality that bounces around the doors and chairs.

Top landing in pastel tones

The next one is a view of the stairs looking down into the hall space in landscape composition. There, the light comes from the side rooms and the hall is mostly in shadow, as are the stairs. I drew this with pastel making tonal values by smudging the surface.

Looking downstairs in pastel tones

Four tonal sketches in ink and cropped to make the drawings interesting. Cropping gives the views a sense of drama and mystery. I love the tonal values I created with inky washes. I am deciding which view to draw for the next exercise.

Exercise 3- Material Differences. By now you should have a clear idea of the basic elements for your drawing. For this exercise work on a large scale (A1 or A2)

Use light marks to map out the composition. Use all the picture space. Look at the way the light falls. Think back to project 4 using different materials, select an appropriate material for this drawing. Keep looking from your subject to your drawing, squinting to check tonal values.

For this exercise I decided to draw with 6 B pencil and graphite stick on white cartridge paper A 2 size. My view is looking down the stairs into the hall way. I chose this as I really wanted to express the light and dark areas that were bouncing around the floor and doors.

Looking down stairs drawn with pencil and graphite.


Firstly I really enjoyed both of these exercises and that’s because it was a change from drawing still life subjects. Secondly, I tried drawing with pastels in monotones which suited the dark and light areas of the hall way views, and I enjoy the way pastels blend and crumble onto the pastel paper surface, making it easy to move around to make soft marks.

Making lots of sketches and inky drawings helped to develop the drawing in Exercise 3 too. Trying different views, cropping and changing the composition plane made me think and look in a different way at the subject.  To develop my drawing, I still need to look at my mark making process, as I felt the wall on the right needed different marks, mine looks very organic and lively. I thought the shading on the floor worked well, and I used a soft rubber to lift out all the light areas. The perspective needs a bit of tightening up, but I think that will come with practise. The door into the toilet is a bit big, but the light is good.

It looks very much like my hall way, which is quite spacious. I thought I captured the light, which was one of my aims. I wanted to created a moody drawing with less detail but lots of shading with a different view point.





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