Expanse. Part 3. Project 4. Perspective. Exercise 1 Parallel perspective-an interior view. Exercise 2 Angular perspective. Exercise 3 Aerial or atmospheric perspective.

Exercise 1 Parallel perspective- an interior view

In my sketch book  I drew these exercises on-one point perspective and two point perspective. This is a view through a doorway with a mat showing lines lead off to a ‘vanishing point’ in the distance

Interior view

Below are three sketches showing one point perspective drawn on squared paper. All lines should ‘recede’ into the distance, hence making the items larger in the foreground and smaller in the distance.

one point perspective
Looking up one point perspective
Looking down one point perspective

The page below is from my sketch book showing that Lowry used one point perspective in is paintings.

Lowry and one point perspective


Exercise 2 Angular perspective

Not an easy one to draw, so I drew a building on squared paper to demonstrate two point perspective.

St Albans Town Hall side view perspective
A building showing two point perspective

Here are some additional three point and fish eye perspective drawings.

Exercise 3 Aerial or atmospheric perspective

Atmospheric perspective is when the natural weather elements effect the appearance of the view, i.e. when mountains at different planes look further away due to light and dark contrasts. Blues recede. Same goes for a sunset when the colours scatter and shift them forward. Reds and oranges are foreground colours.

Here are some excerpts from my sketch book.

J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) was brilliant at painting ‘atmospheric’ land and seascapes. I have painted some atmospheric images on A 3 sized watercolour paper, with loose watercolour washes and a big brush, to demonstrate how abstract the land and seascape can become. My technique for watercolour painting is ‘wet in wet’, which is a very loose and difficult to control, but makes wonderful painterly effects.

Blue Dramatic sky in loose watercolour washes


Sunset in loose watercolour washes


I fully understand the principles of landscape perspective and really enjoyed drawing the instructional sketches and painting the loose atmospheric images..


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