Intimacy. Part Two. ‘Miniature Still Life in Boxes’ additional experimental work.’Spellbound’ Exhibition, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. 6/9/18.

For an experiment and fun, I made some miniature boxes from white card and drew in pencil some small still life items. Cut them out and glued them inside the open box. The items inside the boxes, are placed at different depths to give an idea of perspective. Each box is approximately 5 x 5 x 2 cm in size. I have chosen items, such as shell, bottles and a jug which I have used in some of my work for Part two. I am not sure why I chose to work so small, it was a very much a spontaneous act. But I do enjoy small models and how they are made. Except for the lock and keys, which I made as a symbol of love.

Miniature Still Life in a box
Miniature Bottles Still Life in a box

My inspiration came from, when I went to The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, to see their exhibition  called ‘Spellbound’ Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft, which is running till January 2019. In the exhibition was a piece about pad locks and love. ‘Love Lock’ is an installation I saw of 1500 pad locks that were removed from the Leeds Century Bridge in October 2016. Historically we have used objects as symbols of love for centuries. In the 12 and 13th centuries men and women relied on magic spells and objects to make them ‘fall in love’, it was seen as a way to a successful marriage !!  For those who put a pad lock on the Leeds Bridge felt that, the pad lock stood for the couple and their relationship. The lock being a romantic symbol, and the key that locks the pad lock is thrown away, is a symbol of the longevity of love. Many of the pad locks were inscribed with names, initials or messages.

My pad lock say’s ‘Ann loves Chris’ a symbol of my love and marriage.


Lock and Keys Miniature in a box

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