Intimacy. Part 2. Rework of Exercise 3 Mixed Media Still Life with lino cut and mono print drawings.

As I was not happy with my mixed media still life picture, which is in my previous blog notes.  Here it is.

Second attempt at a background

I have decided to create a new piece of work. So I set up a table still life with some new objects and did some artist research into William Scott (1913-89). Scott was a British artist well know for his still life and abstract painting. I love the way he conveys still life in a broad abstract perspective, with great humour too. I understand that his paintings are very large and colourful. In my sketch book I put a charcoal drawing image of his, which is a table with household cooking utensils, but I just love the simplicity of line and light shading too. His work feels like he has been playing around with composition like it’s a game.

This is my still life on my art table and I drew different views in my sketch book using a very soft 6 B pencil.


Here are a few of my sketches, I drew quite quickly to get the gist of the objects. Drawing with an open line moving over the paper.


Then I shaded in light and dark areas to make form and shape.


As I drew the next sketch, but I was making lots of placement errors so I kept rubbing out my lines and drawing on top of the old ones. So my drawing had lots of interesting smudges and ghost marks. I really liked this as it was so accidental. I also changed my view point from a partial side view to looking down onto the objects. I sat on the back of a high chair to do this, but it was so uncomfortable I was moving a lot, hence my drawing is rather quirky. I am not sure if the proportions are right, but I was trying to look at the spaces between the objects and get the circles to be in the right places. I think I need to revisit foreshortening. But I still like it as a drawing.

IMG_0517Finally I decided to draw the objects again, but in a simple abstract way, as I want to paint this on a canvas with some mixed media elements.


I know this is not mixed media picture in the traditional sense, but I felt that my drawing would suit a lino cut print. So I traced my sketch from my original drawing, drew it onto my lino then cut it out. Once finished I rolled ink on the plate and made a print.


Here is my print on collage and coloured papers.




I have to say I am finding mixed media frustrating and I am trying lots of approaches to get that feeling where everything falls into place and you get that ‘art buzz’. But I am not ‘feeling it’. So I am still trying, and I decided to created some mono prints (a mono print is a drawing printed from roller ink on a plate) So I would consider it drawing on the back of my paper, but printing it on my prepared grounds. Here are my results.

Mono print on acrylic painted ground
Mono print on stamped ground
Mono print on paper direct from the plate




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