Drawing 1.Part three. Project 1 Trees. Exercise 1 sketching individual trees.


Here are my quick sketches of trees in my garden and our next door neighbour’s garden.

Four quick tree sketches
Four quick tree sketches
Outline of a tree in pen
Outline tree in pencil
Apple tree sketch

We have three apple trees and next door has two large Scott’s Pine trees. I drew quickly using a soft pencil to capture the outline of the tree and some of it’s branches.

In our local wood, called The Wick Wood, I found these trees and made individual sketches of them. As the wood was very dark I tried to express this with deep lines and shading. The bushes I just scribbled to get the leaf effect.

The Wick trees
The Wick trees

Whilst away one weekend, I quickly drew these Silver Birch trees that were growing close to a fence. I used a fine black pen to draw the details.

Silver Birch trees
Silver Birch trees

Also from working in my garden I made drawings in ink, Chinese brush painting style of my large apple tree.

Apple Tree in ink
Apple Tree in ink



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