Expanse. Part 3. Project 5. Townscapes. Exercise 1 Sketchbook of townscape drawings. Exercise 2 Study of townscape using line. Exercise 3 Limited palette study

Exercise 1 Sketchbook of townscape drawings

During a day out in St Albans Market Place I made a variety of different sketches in pencil of buildings in the Market Place area. The Market Place area has a combination of Tudor buildings and modern day ones. I did focus on the Tudor building as it’s quite an interesting shape.

In my sketchbook I made some notes on colour, Market Place had blues, blacks, whites, reds, greys and greens. It was a clear sunny day, then became slightly overcast, Time about 11 am, a few people around, but otherwise quiet. One or two vehicles parked, but usually it’s a limited parking area. There were some deep shadows on one side of the street. The Gables building has a traditional black and white facade, with glass shop fronts and a door in the middle. Tiled roof with over hanging guttering painted black.

My final drawings I made on one sheet of paper, that can go inside a sketchbook.  I drew an old Tudor building called The Gables, now a shop called Jack Wills.

The picture below shows how I drew some details in squares and then made some further sketches of the building, including a side view.

The Gables in drawn squares
The Gables in pencil
Side view of The Gables

Exercise 2 Study of a townscape using line

In my sketchbook I drew a section from The Gables building going up the street in the Market Place, using my sketches and some photos as reference, I drew with a fine black pen. Whats nice about a fine pen is the detail you can get. So I added tiles and shading to create shadows. I also cropped the drawing, which I think is a better composition.

Market Place buildings
Market Place in black pen close up

Exercise 3 Limited palette study

I re-drew The Gables building in ink and painted it with three watercolour colours, Sepia, Ochre and Black, using the white of the paper for my lightest colour. I chose a side view as it showed more of the building’s windows and shape.

The Gables in three colours




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