The Figure and the head. Part Four. Project 1 Fabric and form. Exercise 1 Drawing fabric using line and tone. Exercise 2 Emphasising form with cloth.

Here is my cloth drawing in line and with tone, drawn with soft pencil on paper.

Cloth drawn in line
Cloth drawn with tone

I found this an interesting exercise, as the folds were very abstract and difficult to keep track off whilst drawing. I had to shade light for the brighter areas and very dark for the deep folds. I was pleased to keep the shape of the chair whilst emphasising the cloth. This was a heavy cotton cloth quilt so the folds were deep and dark.

Here are the folds drawn in squares using pencil.

Cloth in squares
Cloth in squares

These squares were brilliant to draw, as each one was different and very abstract. Being in a square format, it made me focus more on the shapes and contrasts of the folds. I tried very energetic lines and marks to describe the cloth, using a soft pencil was the right media choice.

Exercise 2 Emphasising form with cloth

I drew in pen these two very quick sketches of my husband wearing loose clothing. I was trying to express the body shape by using the folds and shadows created by the light and dark areas. The drawing below is a close up of his top half, emphasising the jumper.

Close up sketch in black ink pen on paper

The drawing below is a whole view of my husband lounging in a chair.

Wider view of form with cloth

The main problem I had was drawing the human shape, and getting the proportion and length of his legs. I drew in a loose sketchy way, trying to avoid one outline line. I think I managed to capture the jumper with it’s folds and creases, showing where it bends over at the chest and tummy. Drawing with an open free line also helped with getting the shape of his arm too.





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